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Imgur Video Downloader

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About Imgur Video Downloader

Imgur is an online image and video sharing platform used by millions of people around the world its also works as an image host. It's the most popular image and video sharing community among in this category. In Imgur, you can share your photos and videos with everyone in the form of a simple blog. But as you know this type of social site never allows any inbuilt downloader to save the image or video. That's why people use Imgur Video Downloader Tool it resolves all the issues of storing photos or videos from Computers or mobiles without decreasing the quality of videos. Videos can be downloaded in various formats like Full HD, 720p, 360p, Mkv and many more and images also can be saved in JPG, PNG, and even GIFs format.

So stay with the article here we discuss all the possible ways to utilize more the full functionality of Imgur Video Downloader. This program also works as a video converter where you will convert your selected video in the form of audio or you can say in Mp3 formats. So need to download a full video if the desire is only for an audio file.

Imgur Video Downloader

How to Use Imgur Video Downloader Online?

The user interface of the Imgur Video Downloader Tool is a very simple design this is also the main reason why people prefer it to all. As well as there are some instructions if you followed them you can easily reach the main download section. But keep in mind you can only download the videos and images under this Imgur platform like if you past other links it might create a problem in downloading so use it wisely I also describe the step-by-step guide just look at the below points.

Advantages of using Imgur Video Downloader:

Imgur is an online image and video sharing community but it doesn't allow to download the videos but you can save Imgur videos and photos by using this tool and the best part which I liked more is its compatibility you can easily be used on your Desktop, Mac, Windows, IOS ( iPhone or iPad )or even in Linux devices. The tool comes with many advantages but some of the other beautiful features and benefits which I like most are as follows.

Faster than others-

I used many tools for downloading Imgur videos but some are very slow and takes a long time to even download a short video. So I disappoint and finding the solution then I hear about this tool this gives result extremely fast without speed capping. The only thing which you consider using a single download at a time multiple tabs increase the load on the website.

Best about your security concern-

This is the main requirement of many users because in the online world privacy is not a myth. There are many tools that ask a user account registration for using their services. But in this case, you only required a Tool website and one URL of the desired video. No need to put any login credentials to operate the task. And even in the background is not save any data of video which you convert. So don't worry and completely reliable to use.

No limit of downloading-

From the beginning, the tool never makes any limitation to use such as daily quota or restriction to download big videos as compared to other third-parties software which creates limit and also shows advertisement and asks for install some extra apps then the download will starts. But in this tool, you never feel such limitations.

Compatible with any platform and all file formats are available-

Rather than no limitation you also get one advantage or its a best feature of this tool it supports all the possible formats which used in the social sites such as full HD, 720p, 360p, Flv, Mkv, Mp4 or Mp3. Also easily adjust with all the platforms Mac, Windows, Linux. Just visit the tool and start downloading without any issues.


I suggest you to try this useful Imgur video downloader at once and you got addicted to it because it offers versatility in downloading content. And also from safety purpose this tool never create any problem because it doesn't store personal information and any data which you download. The simple and easy to use layout is the main selling point of it.


Why we can't download some Imgur videos and images?

Some of the Imgur videos or accounts are personal or private which can be accessed only by an authorized person and some videos are geographically restricted by the owner itself. So We cannot access some of the Imgur images or videos, thus they cannot be downloadable. But if you take permission from the admin then the tool starts working for you.

How many videos can I download daily from Imgur Video Downloader Tool?

The tool is made up to solve your downloading problem. So how we can put any limit that's why it absolutely free and there is no limit you can download unlimited Imgur Videos on a daily or hourly basis without any restriction. But don't use bots that increase the system load.

Why does Imgur video start playing instead of downloading?

It's not a fault by tool or yours I tell you how it works When you select left-click above the download link the browser starts to play Imgur video because it is set by default. What you need to do is just right-click above the download link and select the "save as" option to start to downloading process of the Imgur video.